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Welcome to my Travel and Photography Blog. I hope I can inspire you to also visit Scotland, if you can’t visit in person, why not get yourself a print, check out my gallery on Picfair

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Here is a little about me – I am a Dane, living in Scotland. I love travelling and has a passion for photographing this beautiful country we now call home, Scotland. We live in Edinburgh or rather Portobello by Edinburgh’s two mile beach. Follow me and my family, my wife our two young children on our travels around this stunning country with it’s breathtaking landscapes, amazing wildlife, outstanding history and many wonderful Whisky distilleries.

baby smiles forest family

Gruffalo Trail at Adrkindglas Woodland Garden by Loch Fyne on the west coast of Scotland

‘The Scotlanders’ Content Creators and Travel Writers

With a passion for Scotland. I was one of the six Scottish Travel Bloggers and writers who had joined force to launch a year round digital campaign to promote Scotland as destination for national and international visitors. I have since stopped working with them, but they are still going strong.

They are all working with destinations, organisations and events across the country. From these, the Scotlanders, will create a wealth of digital content which will be promoted on their various blogs and across many social media channels to a combined following of over 100,000 people in excess of one hundred countries. To find out more or to work with them visit www.thescotlanders.com or follow #scotlanders on social media

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I have over the years worked on various destination and travel related campaigns with organisations right across Scotland. If I can give suggestions on your next visit or you are interested in working with me (beside my day job), do get in touch and I’d love to hear from you!

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