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We had the pleasure if visiting Stockholm for the weekend the end of January. What and amazing city, full of colour, history and delightful cafes and bars. If found this site really useful on many occasions

We were staying in the south side of the city, Hammersby area. This was easily reached from the Central Station, via the very efficient metro system which runs across the city. If visiting for more the two days and planning on visiting several areas of the city, the 72 hrs travel card would be the best option for covering all your travel getting to museums and attractions. If planning to visit many of the attractions, the City Card may be another option, as this would give you access to many museums and attractions across the city from the Vasa Museum, ABBA Museum and the Globe Arena Skyview visit. It’s also great that almost everywhere you go, you can pay by credit card. Also there is a good covering of free wi-fi in the many city cafes, restaurants and hotels.


A shot taken only a short walk from the hotel.

My favourite part of the city has to be Gamla Stan, which is the Old Town and situated a short walk of one stop from the Central Station. This part of the city do not only offer magnificent and historic buildings and structures, but also some of the smallest streets of Stockholm and beautiful views over the waters flowing throughout the city. This is where you will find the departures for many of the city’s boat trips and also several museums, including the Nobel Museum, which is well worth a visit and the Royal Palace, one of Europe’s largest and most dynamic palaces.

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Its an easy city to just walk around. Although, do allow enough time as the city is bigger than you think! This way you will really enjoy many of the areas attractions and it’s beautiful streets and reflections in the water which runs throughout the city.

WP_20150129_15_24_11_Pro WP_20150129_15_26_08_Pro

Ostermalms Saluhalll The Food Hall situated in the Ostermalms area in the city centre of Stockholm.

On our first morning we decided to pop by for a coffee and I am glad we did, what an amazing experience. The food Hall is open Monday till Saturday and if you have an opportunity to go, I would highly recommend, with all it’s fresh foods and many amazing stalls its worth the visit

IMG_20150131_113559 IMG_20150131_113639  IMG_20150131_113832 IMG_20150131_121423

After the food hall visit we walked across towards to the Vasa Museum, but stopped for a bit of lunch on our way by the banks of the river. We had a nice window seat and got a great view over the river and towards the many harbours.

The Vasa Museum. This has to be one of the most impressive museums I have ever visited

It took almost two years (1626-1627) to build Vasa. Once she then started her journey it was short lived due to her construction. On the 10th Aug 1628, she had only been sailing for 100m when she then sank in the middle of Stockholm’s harbour and it took over 300 years before she was returned to the surface. For the full story visit

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The Nobel Museum.

This was one of the museums that was on our list of to do in Stockholm. While tucked away in Gamla Stan, the building is still impressive and sits on a beautiful and colourful square near the Royal Palace. I knew very little about Alfred Nobel (1833–1896), before entering the museum, but I must say came out a lot more knowledgeable, not only about what he achieved, but all the good the Nobel Prizes do. To plan your visit and read more, visit




The ABBA Museum, we never made it inside, but of course had to get a couple of photos taken outside! I believe it’s relatively new to the area, which is about 10 minutes walk from the Vasa Museum.

WP_20150131_16_07_39_Pro WP_20150131_16_11_58_Pro

The famous Ice Bar

This was high on my list, just because of the very unique way of going to a bar! The bar itself was not too large, but the experience was still good. When you first come in to the reception area, you get what one of our friends described as a shark, with no teeth to wear. But basically a large overcoat and gloves. They did not have a lot of seating, but then I guess you should not really be sitting still in -7! You get one drink as part of the fee and can purchase a second a little cheaper if using the same ‘ice glass’, although I don’t believe many people could stand the cold for a second drink! Good experience though! For details and costs about the bar visit

WP_20150131_16_45_29_Pro WP_20150131_16_48_57_Pro WP_20150131_16_54_57_Pro WP_20150131_16_55_45_Pro

On our last morning, despite the weather we decided to visit The Globe Arena, Skyview, officially the Ericsson Globe From here on a good day you would enjoy magnificent view across the city. I was not sure about the height, but I managed ok! If you’re not keen on heights, maybe think twice about this trip, although there could be some truly amazing views across the city! To read further about the arena area, please visit–do/Attractions/skyview/







While walking around Gamla Stan (Old Town), we passed the narrowest street / alley in Stockholm, ‘Alley of Mårten Trotzig’ which joins the streets of Prastgatan and Vasterlangatan.

WP_20150201_11_54_23_Pro WP_20150201_11_56_04_Pro WP_20150201_11_56_29_Pro_1

One of the best cafes in Stockholm, I was told by the locals. We tried to grab a bite of lunch or afternoon tea, but the café was too busy, which I guess is always a good sign!


Along the waterfront, only a short walk from the City Hall you will find a number of different boats docked. The local association had celebrated their 50th year in 2014, with several of the boats just as old or older! Each boat had a little story about it’s original usage and where it was made.

WP_20150201_15_26_39_Pro WP_20150201_15_27_51_Pro

Unfortunately we missed the last tour of the City Hall, that’s for next time we come back!


One our last evening did manage to get a little snow around the city, which did mean that we had to get up earlier the following morning to catch the taxi to the station!

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What a great city and we’ll be back!


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