The Story of a Battle and of Sir William Wallace

A few weekends ago we had a free afternoon and utilised this to visit the National Wallace Monument in Stirling

This year is a special one for the site, as it’s now 20 years since the showing of the famous Hollywood Blockbuster ‘Braveheart’. They are therefore hosting an array of special event and activities.

The last time I had even been close to visiting the monument, was when we were visiting Scotland for the first time. Although during this visit we only went up to the site and did in fact not have time to climb the 246 steps, which takes you to the top via a pretty tight spiral staircase.

We wanted to learn a little more about the famous Sir William Wallace, so therefore we planned to do a ‘Walk with Wallace’. This was done by the local actors who would usually be present at the site and do the daily tours around the monument.

We made a brief stop by Stirling Bridge to see one of the famous sights, before making our way to the top of the hill to the monument.

















After the walk, I climbed to the top of the National Wallace Monument, for the opportunity to take in the breath-taking views across the Scottish Highlands and where the battles were at one time fought.




To plan your visit to the famous site visit Directions to the Monument

If you are planning a day out, why not include other important sites such as the new Bannockburn visitor centre which is only a short drive from the National Wallace Monument.

To see what the other Scotlanders got up to during their visit and what else we do throughout Scotland, visit or follow us on many social channels with #Scotlanders


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