Ten years in Scotland and ten reasons to visit

If you know me, you will know that I could tell you many more reasons than ten reasons to visit this amazing and beautiful country I now call home. So here is what I have come up with for your Top Ten Reasons to Visit Scotland and why I  think you should visit, but then I’m of course I’m biased!

My journey travelling around Scotland actually started about 12 years back, two years before we decided to move here in the summer of 2005.


My love for Scotland started here, really this is Scotland!

The memory that comes to mind as one of the first exploring Scotland, was during our seven day tourist bus trip, which took us to the Scottish Highlands, Isle of Skye and the Outer Hebrides (pictured above).

Our first morning, after staying over at Kyle of Lochalsh hostel (Isle of Skye). We boarded a local fishing boat and sailed only a short distance into the bay. The idea was for us to try out the local Scottish larder, in this case freshly caught scallops and so we did.

Both fresh and uncooked, which was not to everyone’s taste, but also pan-fried in white wine and garlic, which was a real treat for us all!

While the boat was rocking and we were taking all of this in and probably still half asleep, the local seals must have smelled the cooking, they were certainly very interested in what we were preparing and peeking their heads above the water every few moments!

When we arrived back to the bus, our first dram of Scottish whisky was presented to us, to heat up of course! Unfortunately I do not remember which one it was, but anyway, it was well received and I have since then acquired a taste for a good dram, ideally peaty and from the isle of Islay!

After that morning, my heart was sold and I knew Scotland had to be my home!!


Portobello, the place we now call home and where I love seeing the sun rise

Below I have included highlights in the form of photographs from our travels around Scotland. We have over the past ten years been lucky enough to call this amazing place our home and I do look forward to spending many more travelling this wonderful country! We have since we moved here spent many weekends and holidays throughout the whole country and pinpointing one favorite part would be incredibly hard, you would need to chose!


My top ten reasons why I believe everyone should visit Scotland, there’s something for everyone to do, see and enjoy!

1. The landscape, its a given. With the growing film industry using Scotland for their box office movies to cartoons, that alone should give you at least one reason, here’s a few more! Being from Denmark which is very flat, the dramatic hills has always fascinated me.


The breathtakingly beautiful Glencoe


The Cuillin Hills, Isle of Skye. The place we climbed our first Munro


Goatfell peaking above the trees on the Isle of Arran, one of my favorite Scottish isles


The most southerly point of the Isle of Arran, over looking the Isle of Pladda at sunset


2. Foods, some of the freshest and tastiest from around the globe can be found here, often in dramatic settings! By far better than the general presumption about Scottish food!


Enjoying a bite of lunch on the Isle of Skye


How to best enjoy the freshest Scottish Langoustines

Arran 372


3. Wildlife, Scotland’s amazing nature brings you close to the many fantastic species on land and around the shoreline. I am not sure if I was most excited when I saw Eagles a few years ago for the first time or when I saw an otter for the first time last year!


Lochranza Castle on the Isle of Arran




Highland Coo, not really wildlife but found throughout the country!


4. Day trips, many regions are easily reached from our largest cities if yours is a short visit.

Scotts View

The Scottish Borders, this is at Scott’s View


The beautiful and tranquil Kingdom of Fife


Nothing beats a day trip to the famous Loch Lomond and why not enjoy your pack lunch on one of the Loch’s islands, we did with this view, outstanding!


Day trips and visits can be done by many modes of transport!


Dundee, a lot has changed here and it will be the place to be with the new V&A Museum opening in 2018, along with a new Marina and many other sites and developments


5. Spectacular historic sites and buildings of architectural importance. There are more amazing sights and buildings across Scotland that I have not been able to include, so here are a couple from my selection.


Callendar House in the town of Falkirk


Scolpaig Tower on the Isle of North Uist, Outer Hebrides


Abbotsford House, Sir Walter Scott’s home and one of the most important and impressive private homes in Scotland, located in the Scottish Borders.


The Historic Forth Rail Bridge, it’s a must to visit! It has been a master piece of engineering since the day it opened in March 1890


The Kelpies, the new and must see beautiful artwork, engineered by local Scottish sculptor Andy Scott. Found in the Helix Park, Falkirk.


6. The Outdoors, much of Scotland’s mountaineering, hiking, water sports, snow sports and golf are easily reached by car, bus or train from all major regions. Besides these, we have many more great outdoor sports, activities and camp sites, which would be a write up on it’s own!


Hiking in Glencoe, an early start for a good day of walking, but worth it!


The Kingdom of Fife, the home of Golf!


You can find some awesome campsites around Scotland, this is one of my favorite on the Isle of Skye by Sligachan and you’ve got the Cuillin Hills as your backdrop!


7. Beaches, we have some of the worlds top quality beaches, honestly I’ve been there!


Bosta Beach on the Isle of Bernera on Isle of Lewis, Outer Hebrides


Hushinish Beach, Outer Hebrides, Scotland


Horgabost Beach, Isle of Harris, Outer Hebrides. Imagine this being your view in the morning, it could be as they have a campsite by the beach!


8. The Isles, there is something special about a visit to a Scottish isle, you’ll find it hard to leave! For me it really starts the moment I set foot on the ferry and it feels like an adventure starting!

Isle of Arran

Leaving the mainland for a weekend on the Isle of Arran

CalMac Ferry

Calmac Ferries service many of the isles around our coastline. This is one of the smaller vessels.


The sun setting over the Isle of Bute, one of Scotland’s less explored isles


9. The biggest and best events on the globe! Here’s just a small snapshot of a few I have visited and experienced.


Fireworks over the capital, Edinburgh. Also home to the worlds biggest Hogmanay party!


Edinburgh’s annual Torchlight Procession


Edinburgh’s annual Christmas Market


The Enchanted Forrest at Pitlochry in Perthshire. This takes place in the month of October.


The awesome Street of Light on Edinburgh’s Royal Mile. It took place in December 2015 for the first time and was an outstanding and truly magical experience.

10. The people!!! I’m of course biased as I’m married to a Scot


My wife and I enjoying yet another wonderful day in Scotland!


To plan your visit make sure you check out Visit Scotland and this year we are celebrating the ‘Year of Innovation, Architecture and Design 2016’ We celebrate all inspiring innovation, breathtaking architecture, brave and bold designs through new and exciting experiences and events.

VisitScotland Innovation, Architecture and Design in 2016

Thank you as always for reading and enjoy your next visit and trip to Scotland! Make sure you follow me on my journey around Scotland and beyond on Instagram and Twitter

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