Visit Scotland, why? This is why!

Not that anyone needs an excuse to visit Scotland this or any other year! But just in case you felt you did, this particular year Visit Scotland brings together a large part of what is great about Scotland, it’s history, it’s heritage and archaeology #HHA2017

I have ever since my first visit back in 2003 been fascinated with the ancient history and magnificent heritage that can be found throughout Scotland, from the Scottish Borders and Dumfries and Galloway, right up to the Northern isles (some of which I am still to visit) and of course the magical Outer and Inner Hebridean Isles.

Anyone who wants to visit Scotland are likely to wish to see the grand Edinburgh Castle. This is undoubtedly one of the most amazing sights in Scotland, as it sits proudly on an old instinct volcanic rock and watches over Edinburgh and the Lothian’s. Scotland do however have a lot more to offer and deserves to be explored!

Below I have included a handful of the locations and attractions which I have visited and believe deserves a mention, some famous and others less so. I appreciate there are of course thousands more sights, castles, museums, gardens and hidden gems which I suggest you also check out. For details why not also check out and Digit2017

Historic Scotland and National Trust for Scotland

How many of these sites, castles and locations have you visited?

Edinburgh Castle, the crown jewel of Edinburgh’s history and skyline. With hundreds of years of history and it’s iconic setting, this is a must if visiting Edinburgh.

Edinburgh Castle

The National Museum of Scotland. Within it lies a magnificent collection of artifacts from around Scotland. Including this 3,000 year old bone structure displayed in the grand gallery. Within the museum you will find something for the whole family to do, interactive experiences, children’s designated play room. Also, why not explore the diversity of the natural world and the world cultures, all under one roof (but throughout many galleries).

National Museum of Scotand

3000 years of history through a crystal ball

Sir Walter Scott’s, Abbotsford House in Melrose. Its astonishing the collection Sir Walter Scott had of historic artifacts and armoury, you should see for yourself! There is also an extra treat if you’re looking for a weekend with friends, as you can hire the Hope Scott Wing of the house exclusively.

Abbotdford House

The private gardens of Sir Walter Scott’s home and final resting place, Abbotsford House

Melrose Abbey, this ruin sits in the quiet village in the Scottish Borders and well worth a visit when touring lowlands of Scotland.

Melrose Abbey

The impressive and historic Melrose Abbey

Scott’s View, Scottish Borders. Sir Walter’s favourite view, I wonder why! A treat to the eye at any time off the year.

Scott's View in the Scottish Borders

Scott’s View named as being the favourite view by the famous man himself, Sir Walter Scott

Callendar House, Falkirk. I hidden gem on route to the Scottish Highlands and you may recognise the inside from a recent popular series filmed in Scotland!

Callander House

The impressive Callendar House

Riverside Museum (the transport museum), Glasgow. Where you walk in and constantly go, do you remember those, oh do you remember what they were like! With it’s new location next to the River Clyde, it’s easily reached from the centre of Glasgow and home to some of the most fascinating collection of automobiles, scooters, prams, cars and you will find a themed street, with little shops and workshops, but there is so much to see and do. This really is an ideal visit for the whole family (they also have a nice restaurant onsite!). Make sure you allow enough time to get around.

Riverside Museum, Glasgow

The external works of the new Riverside Museum by the Clyde River in Glasgow

Glen Coe, one of the most famous landscapes around Scotland. Amongst these great Glens, a great deal of Scotland’s highlands wars took place and shaped the future of our country as it is today.

Glen Coe

One of the most photographed rural houses in Scotland and you can see why!

I could not mention Scotland’s rich history and beautiful castles and not mentioned what is one of the most photographed castles in Britain (if not the world!), Eilean Donan Castle. It dates back to the 13th century and lies near Kyle of Lochalsh, on route to the Isle of Skye.

Eilean Donan Castle

This is the most photographed castle in Scotland and maybe the world!

Smoo Cave is on the northern tip of Scotland, in a small village Durness. This is on the route NC500 (check it out NC500) if you’re driving around the northern coast. Its a large combined sea and freshwater cave and you are able to get a small boat tour to experience it fully!

Smoo Cave

One of the most northern caves in Scotland, in the village of Durness

Carrbridge, Avimore. This is one of my favourite bridges anywhere in Scotland and the oldest in the Highlands, dating back to 1717. Its charm and authenticity is unreal. We have passed it a number of times over the years and seen it with different colours surrounding the bridge bringing out its charm further.


Carrbridge is over 300 years old and still standing to this day.

The Ruthven Barracks, near Avimore in the north of Scotland. Its the smallest, but best preserved of four barracks built in 1719 after the 1715 Jacobite rising.

The Ruthven Barracks

The impressive Ruthven Barracks is easily spotted from the roadside on route south from Aviemore.

The McManus Galleries in Dundee. Within the building you’ll find a museum and art gallery with a collection of fine and decorative art as well as a natural history collection. A lot of interesting local stories and photographs of the history of Dundee.

The McManus Galleries

This is one of my favourite building in Dundee, the McManus Galleries.

The beautiful Dunfermline Palace and Abbey. Located in Dunfermline, the old Kingdom of Fife. Established as an Abbey in 1128 and the final resting place of King Robert Bruce, this is a historic site, steeped in Scottish history.

Dunfermline Palace and Abbey

Now this place has some history behind it and Dunfermline Palace and Abbey also such an iconic and beautiful building

Isle of Lewis standing stones. Thousands of years of history and they’re still standing!

Isle of Lewis standing stones

Standing stones can be found right across Scotland in both rural locations and cities, I however love these the Isle of Lewis standing stones.

Carloway Broch, Isle of Lewis. Imagine living here, far far away from the civilisation on the mainland of Scotland. Build about 2000 years ago and potentially used up until the 1600’s.

Carloway Broch

It was very common seeing these across Scotland 2,000 years ago and some are still standing like this impressive Carloway Broch in the Outer Hebrides

Scolpaig Tower on the Isle of North Uist and the tower was build almost 200 years ago. It is a prominent feature on otherwise flat ground and amongst the most photographed sites on the island. If you look closely, it’s said that in good weather,the historic islands of St Kilda can be seen to the west of the island.

Scolpaig Tower

One of the most westerly buildings on the Outer Hebrides and on a good day, you should be able to see the remote St Kilda isles in the distance.

The isle of Iona, with its hugely importance of the Iona Abbey and all its history which lies within the beautiful surroundings of the peaceful and tranquil setting.

Iona Abbey

This is a place anyone visiting Scotland should make time to also visit, the quaint and beautiful isle of Iona and the Iona Abbey.

The Giants’ Graves on the magical Isle of Arran on the West Coast of Scotland.

Giants' Graves

Watching over the Holy Isle east of the Isle of Arran

I couldn’t talk about Scotland’s history and heritage and not mention our nations wear, the kilt! This was part of the annual Beating Retreat which takes place on Edinburgh’s High Street, also known as the Royal Mile and ends up on the Edinburgh Castle Esplanade.

The Kilt

Kilts and bagpipes, Scotland has a lot more than that, but it’s still pretty amazing!

Thanks as always for reading. I hope you have enjoyed yet another of my blogs and this will encourage you to either as a local in Scotland to get out and see more or as a visitor, choosing your next trip, to look again at Scotland and why it’s so special!

To see what I get up to throughout Scotland and beyond, follow me on Twitter and Instagram @kimkjaerside

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