The Botanics at Night, Edinburgh, Scotland #thisisedinburgh

I managed to visit the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh again and got a few shots while walking around. It’s a truly amazing experience and what beautiful surroundings that has been created within the Botanics.

‘Night in the Garden’ by Malcolm Innes and Euan Winton and featuring music by Haftor Medboe

Locked and secret, Night in the Garden is where the natural world forgets all about human interlopers and revels in starlit glory. As artists, we hope to allow you a glimpse of this world, and help you see the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh
as an inspiring environment, a home, and a centre of research excellence.

The Queen Mother’s Memorial Garden welcomes you to Night in the Garden.

Step carefully through the portal created by the monumental form of the Beech Hedge on your passage to Night in the Garden. This is where you leave the city behind, and begin to consider your relationship with nature.


Applied geometry
Tucked in behind the Beech Hedge, a sculptural wooden bench sits under an aged Scots pine. The natural shape and form of the tree is in stark contrast to the order and geometry that has been applied here to both living and fallen trees. Why does man feel the need to create


The Captured Sun and The Moon Road
The sun bubbles and fades to the night sky, waiting to be stoked for release the next morning. The captured sun allows his sister, the moon, to move you on your journey through the Garden. Installation cycle lasts 4 minutes approximately.


Beyond the Palm House, the light of the moon casts shadows, showing you the way ahead, guiding you onwards and inwards to ‘Night in the Garden’.



Galaxy of Bits
A fragmented mirror reflects the night sky. The 5.6 Trillion data bits within the installation represent the vastness of the universe. It anchors the viewer within this unique environment, allowing contemplation of how special our planet is. This installation is inspired by the breadth and depth of research work undertaken in the Garden including DNA sequencing of the plant kingdom.



The Nightly Dance of Light in the Dark
Moonlight affords wonderful deep shadows and changes our reading of structures of all kinds. The sweep of the controlled moonlight through the night sky plays with the monkey puzzle trees in a constant dance of shadow and pattern, animating the tree shadows so that branches of different trees interlink.




The Butterfly Ball
The Ball is beginning! From every direction Guests are all crowding to join in the fun;
Was ever there seen such a varied collection of beautiful creatures? The Ball has begun!

Alan Aldridge and William Plomer, The Butterfly Ball

The Garden is host to a vast range of flora, providing habitats for a diverse range of fauna; from insects and birds to badgers, foxes and fish – more than you could possibly imagine. As night descends the creatures get ready for the ‘Butterfly Ball’. From three locations we glimpse the merriment of these wondrous creatures making their way down to the Pond. Installation cycle lasts 7 minutes approximately.





From the Outside In
Humans create shelter from the elements, yet we need to remain in touch with nature. In the built environment, and especially in our homes, we use plants to bring the outside in, yet this represents a fraction


Edinburgh has always been regarded as a green city, one that is intertwined and intrinsically linked with nature. The view of the city skyline from Inverleith House Lawn is regarded as one of the finest in the city and yet nature is reclaiming it. Here is a chance to consider some of the buildings that are slowly becoming concealed from this Garden. Foliage-wrapped frames reveal drawings of buildings and views from within Edinburgh’s World Heritage site. We have enhanced the view that nature has taken over.



Pool of Serenity
A pool is a place of contemplation. Soft light with subtle sparkling undertones allows you to consider all that you have seen before you begin the journey away from Night in the Garden and back to the city


I do hope you have an opportunity to go and enjoy this spectacular light instillation and a ‘Night in the Garden’

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