Isle of Arran, it’s a must when visiting Scotland

‘Scotland in miniature’ A couple of years ago we were fortunate enough to visit the Isle of Arran on a number of occasions and we look forward to returning in 2015. You can arrive by ferry from Ardrossan to Brodick or Tarbert to Lochranza with CalMac When sailing from Ardrossan you will see this amazing and beautiful island in the distance, you may even spot dolphins. The island has a lot to offer, even just driving or cycling around you will see both fantastic scenery and amazing wildlife. While on the island I would recommend the following visits, Arran Whisky Distillery, Arran Brewery, Arran Aromatics, Arran Dairies, which sells amazing Arran Dairy Ice Cream, and of course that you climb Goatfell, along with many other great activities on the island visit 2 IMG_8529 2 IMG_8554 During our first visit we enjoyed a few nights at Lochranza Campsite Which enjoy a lot of local wildlife, including deer grazing next to our tent and all over the local golf course and you may see the daily commute in Lochranza! There is also the Lochranza Castle ruin 3 Arran 424 4 Arran 439 5 Arran 450 6 Arran 458 Sunset over Holy Island, seen from Lamlash, where we stayed for one night during our second visit Never yet been to visit the island, maybe next time! 8 IMG_8718 7 IMG_8757 We also had the pleasure of climbing Goatfell, the highest of the mountains on the island at 874m, this took us about 5 hrs round trip. Well worth the view at the top! Arran 204 Arran 205 Arran 217 Arran 218 Arran 234 Arran 293 Arran 323 Arran 330 The island also hosts many great cafes and restaurants which serves delicious seafood’s, local cheeses and a lot more. Arran 372 2011 was the year I visited my very first Whisky Distillery, Arran Whisky Distillery this was a true brilliant experience and I have never looked back since. This was also the first time I bought a bottle of Whisky, 14 year Arran, smooth and easy on the palate. Arran 377 Arran 389 Arran 396 Arran 645 The view of Goatfell from Brodick, the biggest village on the island IMG_8578 IMG_8618 IMG_8788 IMG_8901 IMG_8943 IMG_9034 IMG_9085 During our visit we also enjoyed the costal walk, which took us to the King’s Caves. It is said that Robert the Bruce used the cave while on the run from the English. IMG_9157 IMG_9182 IMG_9240 IMG_9381 IMG_9403 IMG_9413

Much more to be explored and photographed when we return in March, 2015!

7 thoughts on “Isle of Arran, it’s a must when visiting Scotland

  1. Hi there
    Lovely Arran photos. I wanted to show you one of my images taken from Holy Isle to help inspire your visit.

    Here’s my web address instead. Enjoy your trip to Arran in March.


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