Glen Coe, a photographers dream!

As you approach the Glen, no matter the weather, if the mist and haar is floating over the boggy ground, the clouds are hanging low throughout the glen or if the sun is reflected in the unbelievably beautiful colours on the side of the gigantic mountains, there is something rather special about Glen Coe.

Scotland GlenCoe Map

Glen Coe, in the heart of Scotland

I have over the last year visited this unique and breathtaking region on several occasions. You only need to take one look at the scenery and you too will instantly fall in love!


The famous Buachaille Etive Mor


The morning mist and haar is floating over the boggy ground


The morning reflection over Loch Leven

I first visited Glen Coe some years ago when I first started camping around Scotland. Since then I have been back now and again, when passing through. Last year I had the pleasure of climbed my first couple of Munros in the Glen, Stob Dubh and Stob Corie Raineach part of the Buachaille Etive Beag, this was one of the most amazing experiences in the Scottish hills, made even better by a beautiful and almost clear day.


The climb to the top and it’s worth it!

The ever changing landscape and weather in the Glen makes it a truly outstanding location for photography and with its history of wars gone by, makes it for an even more interesting and attractive location to both visit and pass through on your way around Scotland.


The beauty of a misty Glen Coe


The view of the Glen from above

I have included a couple of my favourite photographs from the Glen and a few from nearby locations which I also believe deserves a mention. You will see the usual key spots along the main road, but if you can get off the beaten track, this makes your visit even more exciting and often that’s when you really see what beauty Scotland has to offer!

Glen Coe


One of the more iconic views of the Glen


The amazing colours shining on the side of the hills

Glen Etive


The view down Glen Etive from above

Loch Ba by Glen Coe:

I do like getting up for a sunrise when I travel my way around Scotland and there are times like these when this truly pays off and I then have no regrets of the 4:15am start, I guess this makes it more than a hobby and more of a passion!


How you could spend a Saturday morning!


Loch Ba, Glen coe

Loch Tulla by Glen Orchy:


Loch Tulla, Glen Orchy


Loch Tulla, Glen Orchy

When you get a chance for a photograph like this, you just have to grab it and enjoy the moments of beauty around you!


Loch Achtriochtan and Cottage by Glen Coe

No matter the weather, there is a stop just before you reach the village of Glen Coe, which is worth a visit. May the reason be the little cottage or the beautiful loch Achtriochtan, make sure you visit!


Loch Achtriochtan, Glen Coe

I am not sure if I enjoyed seeing Glen Etive most from above or driving up the spectacular Glen, ending up by the mysteries Loch Etive by the end of the road.


Driving up the amazing Glen Etive


The awesome Glen Etive


Loch Etive


Spot the camper by Loch Etive

I hope you enjoyed my photographs. Also, that this has inspired you to get out to enjoy the beauty we have right on our doorstep or if you’re visiting Scotland, within easy reach of the biggest cities and can be included in most visits.

If you enjoyed reading and watching this as much as I did photographing it, you can follow me on Twitter and Instagram on my travels around Scotland and beyond @kimkjaerside I look forward to hearing from you!

Thanks for reading!

2 thoughts on “Glen Coe, a photographers dream!

  1. Great post Kim. I love this place SO much. I feel really very lucky to live here and have so many stunning places on my doorstep and within a couple of hours drive.

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