Visiting the north of Scotland with kids

It’s May 2018 and we are just about to experience what will probably be one of the most memorable Scottish Holidays we’ve had to date while living in Scotland since 2005.

Looking for self-catering accommodation in Scotland in May can always be tricky, so as I’ve had to do in the past I called upon my trusted following on twitter and it came up with this great suggestion – Thank you Dennis! You can also check out the many listings with Visit Scotland

After spending the weekend with friends by Loch Tay, we made our way north to Tomich. What followed was a week of absolute joy in one of the more remote parts of Scotland, which I personally enjoy and would rather have than crowded tourist attractions, busy beaches and being unable to move on the roads, you know the ones I mean, especially the overseas ones!

Below you will find some of the highlights from our visit to Glen Affric and Shieldaig and I hope you feel inspired to take your family off the beaten track and explore beyond the typical tourist trail…

Tomich, Glen Affric – Scottish Highlands

Our little family, being my wife, our then 2 and a bit year old daughter and I had booked a week in the remote Glen Affric, closest City is Inverness, at Tomich Holidays. This is a part converted farm with apartments and lodges, with an indoor pool and games room. Ideal for families, with a nice outdoor play area and local hotel and cafe within walking distance.

Onsite playground, indoor heated pool, playroom and loads of woodlands


During our week in Tomich we visited Glen Affric several times and with several walks, some family friendly too with benches and toilet facilities, its perfect for a day out. Make sure you check out Walking Highlands website for ideas and details.

The Plodda Falls

A very short 10 minutes drive or 1 hour walk from Tomich, you will find the spectacular Plodda Falls which is ideal for a half day out with a circular walk. There are good parking facilities and benches available for snacks

I would recommend you check out the Walk Highlands website

Loch Ness and Black Isle

We made a day of it by visiting the famous Loch Ness briefly and then made our way around to the Black Isle. Here you will find various beaches. Make sure you look out for dolphins along the Murray coastline.

We found a lovely little deli, Corner On The Square, in the quaint village of Beauly, Black Isle. If passing I would highly recommend you check it out website great coffees, snacks and local foods to take away.

If you’re up for an early start, like me you could head into Glen Affric and may capture moments like these looking over Loch Affric and seeing Carn Eige Mountain at sunrise

After our week in Tomich we ventured even further north west, this time to a village called Shieldaig and what a place. Here we stayed in an Airbnb with a family with a couple of young kids which was ideal for our daughter having other kids around. We even managed to join the local toddler group one morning.

Shieldaig, North West Coast of Scotland

Arriving into the little village of Shieldaig on the north west coast of Scotland. This village lies on the North Coast 500, but one of the quieter parts. With its sea-front, yet sheltered and number of smaller eateries it makes for a perfect base when exploring this part of Scotland.

Villages such as the famous Applecross and Gairloch are easily reached by car and certainly lends itself perfectly for a day out.

In Shieldaig you will find a small playground by the local community hall, but there are also several smaller walks in the area which are great for kids.

Day trip to Applecross via Bealach na Ba and its beautiful road and viewpoint. This road however is not for the light hearted and I would never drive in any vehicle larger than a regular car!

Dinner in Shieldaig! As with many of the villages around the coast of Scotland, the foods from the sea has a major impact on the dishes served up and the quality of it is second to none! We’re lucky our daughter has a great taste too ans loves her seafood!


We took a day trip to the lovely village Gairloch, about an hours drive north of Shieldaig. Here you will find a beach which could just as well have been the whitsundays in Australia! Wonderful location in the bay with shallow waters, making it ideal families with young kids.

Within the village there are a couple of cafes, we opted for the views over Gairloch and then wandered down to the local farm shop for our dinner and food supplies. To our daughters excitement she was also allowed an ice-cream, which always puts a smile on her face.

Hiking in Shieldaig

On our last day in the village we made the most of it with a little family hike in the local area. There are several walks in the area and you can check these out on the Walk Highlands website

The moment you look up from your dinner and see this, well you just have to go and enjoy the last Sunset of our holiday!

Well what an amazing two weeks we had and why go anywhere else to holiday when we have this in Scotland!

For other ideas of what you do when visiting Scotland with kids, check out a few of my blogs

Thank you for reading and to follow me on my travels and see what I get up to around Scotland and beyond… check out my social channels…

4 thoughts on “Visiting the north of Scotland with kids

  1. Great to see that you had a great holiday in Wester Ross nice to see that you stayed and got to learn a bit about the area unlike the morons in camper vans and moterhomes who race round a 500 mile circle leaving their shit, rubbish and used sanitary protection in laybys, all of which i have seen several times. Why oh why cant people like you who have loved some MY countryโ€™s beautiful areas keep your big mouths SHUT so that people (preferably Scots can enjoy our country in peace and quiet without roads blocked by assholes who have no idea how to drive on country roads yours a pissed off local โ€ฆ..

    • Thank you for taking the time to read my blog and yes we did enjoy. My first camping trip in Scotland in 2006 was actually pretty much what’s now the NC500. I am sorry that you have seen such behaviour and trust me, I’m just as upset as you to see people not enjoying Scotland responsible. I was hoping people might read my blog and see the area differently and experience new areas of the NC500 and at slower pace in a better manner. Thanks again

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