What to do with kids on the Isle of Mull and Tobermory

Besides the obvious attraction of a certain popular children’s television show, there is a lot more to be seen on the Isle of Mull, Isle of Iona and in Tobermory for families and kids.

“What’s the Story in Balamory…?”

This was our first proper family holiday of 2019 as a family of four, with our the 3 and a bit year old daughter and 5 months old son. It was also the first time we had visited the island with kids so saw the island in a whole new light.

The weeks highlights

Calmac Ferry

Approaching the Isle of Mull and our family adventures on the West Coast of Scotland was about to begin…


Just wandering around the picturesque village and checking out the quaint little shops, cafes and museums.

Calgary Farmhouse Cafe

Visiting Calgary Beach and having lunch in the Calgary Farmhouse Cafe, that was a perfect day out!

Beside the cafe you will also find a quaint little gallery which is worth checking out. When you get to the beach, get ready to be amazed as this has to be one of the best on the island, although there are a fair few to choose from!

Calgary Bay Beach

Mull Cheese Cafe and Farm

The Isle of Mull Cheese cafe and farm, outstanding location and great place to bring the kids to educate them about farm animals.

You can walk around parts of the farm and also see the cheese being made, it was not our daughters favourite smell, but very exciting altogether. Now the homemade cakes they serve here and the coffee is something else and well worth the visit alone, that’s not even mentioning the view and the unusual greenhouse structure.

The space brings back childhood memories of my granddads old greenhouse, which was filled with vine and other tasty fruits.

Mull Aquarium

Visting the Mull Aquarium in Tobermory, which is ideally located by the harbour car park, should you drive to visit. There are various activities and also your ticket allows you to come and go throughout the day once bought.

Aros Park

Walking and playing in Aros Park. The park is either a nice stroll or a short drive outside Tobermory. You will find a good size car park with seats for lunch and also toilet facilities available.

The walk around the loch in the park takes a good 45 minutes to an hour. On the walk you will find several benches to rest and also a small climbing frame for your younger ones.

Tobermory Playpark

Finding the playground beside the school and tennis court on Western Road in Tobermory was a treat for our daughter. This play park has recently been renovated and is well kitted out for toddlers. We returned several times, my daughter and I even went in the rain once, because we just couldn’t stay away!

Walk to Tobermory Lighthouse

If you have a couple of hours with the little ones, why not take the walk to the Tobermory Lighthouse, which is pretty special. You will also find several benches to stop for a rest or have lunch / snacks. We brought a buggy and it was not too bad, although the terrain is not all ideal for a regular buggy.

The walk to the Tobermory Lighthouse
Tobermory Lighthouse

The Isle of Mull and Isle of Iona is also a wonderful place to spot wildlife, pretty much anywhere you go you’re likely to see birds of prey, seals or even eagles. Make sure you bring your binoculars!

If you plan to visit the Isle of Mull and Iona, I also recommend you check out my previous post on Walking on the Isle of Mull and Iona but there are also many more great suggestions and ideas on the Visit Mull and Iona official site.

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